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Close Encounters of the Furry Kind LLC. is a stock photography agency.
A breakdown of all the categories we have on our site.

   Domestic Birds
   Guinea Pig
Cat Images
   American Shorthair
   Cat Adoption
   Cat Care
   Cornish Rex
   Domestic Long Hair
   Domestic Medium Haired
   Domestic Shorthair
   Feral Cats
   Maine Coon
   Scottish Fold
Dog Stock Photos
   Afghan Hound
   Airedale Terrier
   Alaskan Malamute
   Alpha Blue Blood
   American Bulldog
   American Eskimo
   American Hairless Terrier
   American Pitbull Terrier
      American Pit Bull Training & Activities
      American Pitbull
   American Staffordshire
   American Water Spaniel
   Anatolian Shepherd
   Australian Cattle Dog
   Australian Kelpie
   Australian Shepherd
      Australian Shepherd standard
      Australian Shepherd Toy
      Australian Shepherd Training and People
   Australian Terrier
   Basset Hound
   Bearded Collie
   Bedlington Terrier
   Belgian Laekenois
   Belgian Malinois
   Belgian Sheepdog
   Belgian Tervuren
   Berger Picard
   Bernese Mountain Dog
   Bichon Frise
   Biewer Terrier
   Black and Tan Coonhound
   Black Russian Terrier
   Blue Heeler
   Bluetick Coonhound
   Border Collie
   Border Terrier
   Boston Terrier
   Bouvier de Flandres
   Boykin Spaniel
   Braque Francais
   Brussels Griffon
   Bull Terrier
   Bull Terriers
   Cairn Terrier
      Cairn Terrier Training and People
   Cane Corso
   Carolina Dog
   Catahoula Leopard Dog
   Cavalier King Charles
   Cesky or Czesky Terrier
   Chart Polski
   Chesapeake Bay Retriever
      Longhair Chihuahua
      Shorthair Chihuahua
   Chinese Crested- Hairless and Powderpuff
   Chow Chow
   Clumber Spaniel
   Cocker Spaniel
      Cocker Spaniel American
      Cocker Spaniel English
      Collie Rough and Smooth
      Corgi Cardigan Welsh
      Pembroke Welsh Corgi
   Coton de Tulear
   Curly-Coated Retriever
      Dachshund Mini Longhair
      Dachshund Mixed Varieties
      Dachshund Standard Longhair
      Dachshund Standard Smooth
      Dachshund Standard Wirehair
      Dachshund Training & with People
      Miniature Dachshund Smooth
      Miniature Wirehair Dachshund
   Dandie Dinmont
      Doberman Pinscher
      Doberman Pinscher Care
   Dogue de Bordeaux
   Dutch Shepherd
   English Setter
   English Shepherd
   English Springer Spaniel
   English Toy Spaniel
   Field Spaniel
   Fila Brasileiro
   Flat-Coated Retriever
      American Foxhound
      English Foxhound
      Penmardel Foxhound
   French Bulldog
   German Pinscher
   German Shepherd
      German Shepherd Dog
      German Shepherd Service-Training-Behavior
      German Shepherds with People
   German Shorthair
   German Wirehair
   Glen of Imaal Terrier
   Golden Retriever
      Golden Retriever Training and Care
      Golden Retrievers
   Gordon Setter
   Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen
   Great Dane
      Great Danes
      Great Danes with People
   Great Pyrenees
   Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
      Greyhound Events and People
   Ibizian Hound
   Icelandic Sheepdog
   Irish Red and White
   Irish Setter
      Irish Setters
      Irish Setters with their people
   Irish Terrier
   Irish Water Spaniel
   Irish Wolfhound
   Italian Greyhound
   Italian Spinone
   Jack Russell Terrier
   Japanese Chin
   Kerry Blue Terrier
   Labrador Retriever
      Black Labrador Retriever
      Chocolate Labrador Retriever
      Labrador Retriever Hunting
      Labrador Retriever Training
      Labrador Retrievers with People
      Mixed Color Labrador Retriever
      Yellow Labrador Retriever
   Lagotto Romagnolo
   Lakeland Terrier
   Lhasa Apso
      Lhasa Apso Grooming
      Lhasa Apsos
   Lucas Terrier
   Manchester Terrier
      Manchester Terrier Standard
      Manchester Terrier Toy
   Miniature Pinscher
      Mixed Breed
      Mixed Breed Grooming-Training-Care
      Mixed Breeds and their People
   Neopolitan Mastiff
   New Guinea Singing Dog
   Newfoundland or Newfie
      Newfoundland or Newfie with People
   Norfolk Terrier
      Norfolk Terrier with People
   Norwegian Elkhound
   Norwich Terrier
   Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
   Old English Sheepdog
   Owczarek Podhalaski
   Parson Russell Terrier
   Patterdale Terrier
   Peruvian Inca Orchid
   Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
   Pharaoh Hound
   Plott Hound
   Polish Lowland Sheepdog
      Miniature Poodle
      Standard Poodle
      Toy Poodle
   Portuguese Water Dog
   Presa Canario
   Pyrenean Sheepdog
   Rat Terrier
      Rat Terrier standard
      Rat Terrier Toy
   Rhodesian Ridgeback
   Rottweiler or Rottie
      Rottweiler or Rottie Training
      Rottweiler with their People
   Russell Terrier
   Saint Bernard
      Giant Schnauzer
      Miniature Schnauzer
      Schnauzer Care and Training
      Schnauzer Grooming
      Standard Schnauzer
      Toy Schnauzer
   Scottish Deerhound
   Scottish Terrier or Scottie
   Sealyham Terrier
   Shar Pei
   Shetland Sheepdog or Sheltie
   Shiba Inu
   Shih Tzu
      Shih Tzu Grooming
      Shih Tzus
      Shih Tzus with People and Training
   Shiloh Shepherd
   Siberian Husky
      Siberian Huskies
      Siberian Husky with their people
   Silken Windhound
   Silky Terrier
   Skye Terrier
   Smooth Fox Terrier
   Soft-Coated Wheaten
   Staffordshire Bull Terrier
   Sussex Spaniel
   Swedish Vallhund
   Tibetan Mastiff
   Tibetan Spaniel
   Tibetan Terrier
   Toy Fox Terrier
   Treeing Walker Coonhound
   Welsh Springer Spaniel
   Welsh Terrier
   West Highland White Terrier or Westie
   Wire Fox Terrier
   Wirehaird Pointing Griffon
   Wolf Hybrid
   Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie
      Yorkie or Yorkshire Terrier Grooming
      Yorkie or Yorkshire Terrier Training and Care
      Yorkshire Terrier
Dogs & Cats
   Dog & Cat
   Dog and Cat with person
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   Coffee Mugs
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   Leash or Key Holder
   License Plates
   Mouse Pad
   Nylon Checkbook Covers
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